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Our Meditation Workshops

We have been running our four workshops for about six months now, and I am so very pleased with watching how they are enriching the lives of our participants. I look forward to seeing the impact they can have on peoples lives over time, and I am so very privileged and honored to bring these enhancements forward.

Our four workshops are designed individually to look at the different parts of the breath and what they carry. The first, Meditation Basics, provides the foundation of the breath. Four part breath is a technique that breaks the breath down into the inhale, the pause, the exhale, and the pause. Stress and Anxiety Management looks more at the exhale, to release energy. The Dreamboard Workshop focuses more on the inhale, bringing energy inward. Pain Management teaches us how to connect and communicate with our bodies and to pay better attention to the signals it gives to us.

It brings me such joy to continue my studies of the Healing Arts and Meditation. This has been my life's work, and I find it remarkable that after 22 years of study, I have barely begun to scratch the surface! I look forward to what 40 years of study will look like, and then 60. My experience has caused me to believe firmly that everything we could ever possible want happens on the inside. As we silence the noise and discover this vast and beautiful world within, we find our joy, which is all we ever wanted to begin with. Many blessings to you throughout the journey...

To contact us regarding our meditation workshop schedule, click here!

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