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Entering a new phase for the new year!

Boy, what a year it has been! I have been slacking with Whole Hearted Healing Center updates and social media for sure. What can I say, I'm only one person. I will attempt to post updates at least once a month, got to ensure I can still figure out how to log in after all! The photo attached is the 2022 Whole Hearted Healing Center dreamboard, just about everything on it is happening now.

So many changes are coming to a head, and right on time for New Year's goal setting. Top of the list is our move. We are expanding! The visions I have been working on for so long are coming together and we will be spending New Year's weekend moving into our new location. Updates to our pricing and website will also be integrated at that time.

This move signifies the integration of several of our goals, the biggest being the classroom. We will be able to offer Qi Gong, yoga, body groove, and group couching regularly. This has been a long time coming, all the way back to my dojo days have I been dreaming about this. It may be mid to late January before the construction is complete, but it truly is a big deal and to be celebrated and cherished.

An additional component of the long time envisioning of our healing center is our acupuncturist, Kim. Of all the components, having an acupuncturist on site has been a consistent part of the plan.

Group coaching and meditation are pieces that I'm very excited about sharing. This includes pain management, stress and anxiety management, internal state management, self-healing practices, self-actualization, and how to cultivate more joy and live your best life.

Finally is the progression of my book, Ki Solutions. We've had some hang ups and are meeting with a new publisher this week, so fingers crossed...

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