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Meet Your Coach


I began my healing journey at age 20 when I wandered into my first Danzan Ryu dojo in South Carolina. It was there that I began training in the martial arts under Tom Ryan, and he very quickly enrolled me in the Seifukujitsu program for the Healing Arts. I spent 5 years training, coming up through the ranks at the same time as I worked my way through the restoration therapy training of Danzan Ryu. Traditional Oriental Medicine, being composed of the three pillars of acupuncture, herbology, and massage, I studied the massage which focuses on rebalancing the paradigm of five phase theory by pumping Ki Energy through the meridian system in order to restore the body to health. After receiving my Shodan, I moved to Flagstaff where I opened a dojo, teaching martial arts for six years, and began doing massage professionally. I received an EMT-B certification in 2007 and in 2010 began my pursuits of academia. In 2016 I began studying Tao practices and the healing power of working with Ki Energy more in depth, and what I began to discover was how much energy and emotion gets trapped within the body. I decided I wanted more tools to be able to help people in all areas of healing and pain relief, and Life Coaching is a perfect fit for me. In 2020 I graduated with my Master’s degree in Psychology, emphasis in Life Coaching. I feel that this offers a well rounded healing program as it treats the whole person, mind, body, spirit, energy, and emotion. I use meditation as a way to help people come back to themselves and discover their own unique power and potential for healing.

Shannon McMurry

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