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Restorative Massage Therapy has its roots in Eastern Medicine; focusing on five element theory, it pumps Ki energy through the meridian system in order to restore the body to health. It is considered the yin half of the traditional martial and healing arts of Danzan Ryu Jujitsu and the Seifukujitsu Institute. Restorative Massage Therapy is considered one of the three pillars of  Eastern medicine, the other two being acupuncture and herbology, and the healing arts of Danzan Ryu also contain a substantial Hawaiian influence with elements of Lomi Lomi and Ho’O’Pono’Pono’. Benefits of Restorative Massage Therapy include pumping Ki Energy, lymph, and fluids through the body, promoting circulation, relief from aches and pains, and an overall sense of well-being, balance and calm.

30 minute massage

45 minute massage

60 minute massage

75 minute massage

90 minute massage



hot stone massage add $30
save $10/session when purchasing packages of 3

Restorative Massage Therapy


15 minute massage

20 minute massage


25 minute massage

30 minute massage


Chair Massage
Ki Energy Healing


Ki Energy Healing moves stagnant energy through the meridian system. Once the energyh blockage is freed up, Ki energy is sent to the area of freshly released energy in order to charge the body with bright, healing light. This healing technique is a no-touch, fully clothed experience, therefore, it is ideal for people with limitations around receiving the full body massage.

30 minutes



Salt scrub

Body wrap

120 minutes of bliss package

The 120 minutes of bliss package includes 60 minute massage & choice of body wrap or salt scrub

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