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Although meditation has been used for centuries in the Far East, its benefits here in the West are just beginning to be understood. It has been said that meditation gives us nothing, but that it takes away burdens of the body, mind and soul. There are many physical healing benefits of practicing meditation such as lowered blood pressure and heart rate, improved cholesterol and insulin levels, relaxing the nervous system and increasing brain function. It can even help manage physical pain. Meditation helps to calm the mind, reducing anxiety and depression, helping people feel more stable emotionally, aiding in better concentration, and increases serotonin levels. There are numerous spiritual benefits to meditation; including a sense of connection and compassion, promoting feelings of forgiveness towards self and others, and helping people live in the present moment while discovering a sense of purpose in their lives. Meditation has the power to awaken us and guides us towards living our best lives, whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual.



In this 90-minute workshop the focus will be on learning to communicate with your body through meditation practices such as mindfulness. We will be working towards connecting with our bodies as we examine the thought process we currently have regarding our pain. In addition, we will be practicing moving and circulating energy throughout the body, and finding ways to “sit with” our pain, whether it be physical or emotional. This workshop focuses on our thinking patterns, and feeling our energy inside, there will be a combination of discussion and short practices. The emphasis of this workshop and where it sits within 4-part breath is on the pause points, where we "sit with" the breath.

90 minute workshop


Chronic Pain
Anxiety and Stress


This workshop is approximately 90 minutes and focuses on our thoughts, ideas, beliefs, assumptions, and expectations about meditation. We look into where in the mind and individual meditation practices that people may be stuck, and guide them tools and techniques to help guide them through the challenges often associated with developing a meditation practice. The classroom setting provides a safe and comfortable environment and engagement is encouraged. The class itself is structured to provide a combination of discussion and short practice sessions throughout the workshop. The emphasis for this workshop is on 4-part breath.

90 minute workshop



This is a 90-minute workshop where the primary focus is on releasing energy and discovering how breathing techniques can help us feel more centered and calm throughout our stress and anxiety. We will practice grounding our energy and calming the mind and body. Discussion will be geared towards the effects that stress and anxiety have on the body and energy system, as well as how we can better manage our state. We will also be practicing "active relaxation" and recognizing the tension we hold within our bodies. There will be a combination of discussion and mini practice sessions. The emphasis for this workshop regarding 4-part breath focuses on the exhale or releasing excess energy.

90 minute workshop



The live your joy workshop is about focusing on the heart center and is about 90 minutes. It is an opportunity to play around with creative energy and ideas in a group setting. We begin with a meditation for connecting with the heart and recognizing the deeper desires of the soul, and will conclude with a meditation to help us feel and bring in more energy for building our dreams. The emphasis as it relates to 4-part breath is on the inhale, inspiration, and bringing energy in.

90 minute workshop




11:45am - 12:30pm Weekly on Saturdays

Come at 11:45am for a crystal consult with Kim, our acupuncturist, to add a little something extra to your meditative experience! The meditation itself begins at noon, opening with a 15 minute sound healing, the gong offers a vibrational element of sound healing that shakes loose that which is stuck within us and helps bring it to the surface for release. Coupled with the sounds of the singing bowl which is attuned to correspond with the heart chakra provide the basis for our weekly meditation. The sound healing is followed by a 15 minute silent meditation. Please join us as we deepen our meditative practice and spiritual connect. No RSVP required.

Although this is a free class, donations are accepted.

Saturday Morning Meditation
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