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Meditation for Pain Management

Our meditation workshops use a combination of mindfulness meditation with the technique known as 4-part breath in a group coaching setting in order to dive deeper into our meditation practice while developing tools to assist us in daily living. The pain management workshop teaches us to sit with our pain, whether it be physical or emotional, and observe without judgment.

Pain can be quite distracting. As we learn to sit with our pain rather than fight against it, or develop frustration and resentment at its presence and the role it plays in our lives, we are better able to change our relationship to pain. When we accept ourselves as we are, and connect with the deeper part of ourselves, we are then more able to transform our lives and discover a deeper meaning within our experience.

Pain is one way in which the body is communicating with us. Its not as much that we experience pain that is the problem, but that we don't know how to interpret it. As we sit with and connect with ourselves, and truly listen to what the body is communicating, we deepen our relationship to ourselves.

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