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Meditation for Pain Management

We have our May workshop scheduled for Saturday, May 22 from 10am-11:30am! Come check it out!

Our Pain Management workshop helps us to slow down our emotional responses to our pain and communicate different with our bodies. Pain is just one way in which our bodies speak to us, and we have these tendencies to not listen well. So the body speaks loader.

As we quite the mind and listen to the heart, we are much able to hear the messages being given to us. Perhaps taking time to slow down, or changing our overall habits are the message, perhaps it has more to do with ignoring the gentle guidance from our inner selves. Whatever our bodies are saying to us, learning how to listen can change our lives.

In addition, we also learn to circulate our energy differently so that we can change from the inside out. When we circulate our energy, fluids move, warming the body, which helps us to heal. Learning to integrate small changes that make a huge difference is possible. Although applying meditation to our pain may not eliminate our pain for good, but it certainly provides us with tools that we can use to cope with it. Meditation has been scientifically validated in helping us to relate to our pain differently so that we can do what we can, appreciate what we do have, and learn to love ourselves where we are.

To RSVP, click here!

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