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Meditation Basics Workshop

This Saturday at 10am, we are offering our introductory meditation course once again. Meditation Basics focuses on the four part breath breathing technique. The breath is the anchor that is always with us, therefore makes for an excellent foundational component of any meditation practice.

In addition to the basics of breathing, we will also discuss the normal challenges that tend to come up for beginners in meditation. There are certain things that most people experience, however, without the realization that these are normal challenges that people face, many people wind up frustrated by them. These are things such as what to do with incessant thoughts or the distractions of everyday life that interfere with establishing a daily practice.

Meditation has taken notice in academic fields in the past twenty years or so. It used to be something that was considered weird by the majority of people. Now it is considered essential. People tend to be drawn to meditation for one of three main reasons: physical health benefits, emotional health benefits, or spiritual health benefits. Whatever your reasons for pursuing the addition of meditation into your life, this group is a safe and open space to bring in questions, fears, experiences, or come and just be part of the healing space. It is group participation which really contributes to the energy of the class.

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