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Meditation Basics April 24th

Meditation has been scientifically validated as contributing to our overall well being. It has been proven to aid with physical healing, mental and emotional regulation, and spiritual connection. The benefits received from a regular meditation practice are great, and with no side effects!

So what prevents people from embarking on this practice which enhances our lives so much? Often times, it is because people can easily get stuck in the thinking brain which does not want to give up control. Other times it may be because people feel challenged in the integration into their daily lives. Would it help to know that you are not alone in facing these challenges? What if you found a way to make it work for you personally, would you be more likely to do it?

Meditation Basics is the introductory meditation course offered at Whole Hearted Healing Center. In this class we explore alternatives to help you focus your mind and break through the distractions that make developing a meditation practice such a challenge. We focus on mindfulness practices as the base, specifically using 4-part breath as our starting point, and may introduce tools and techniques to help us make things easier to use.

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