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Where do you want to be a year from now?

As a starting point for coaching, this is a great question. One year from now is a short enough distance to be able to see the possible directions your life could take, and to see the choices that can make or break it. I love this question. Longer term goal questions ask where do you want to be five or ten years from now, or what does the grand goal look like, however, those can be overwhelming if we don't quite see the path as to how we get there.

So often, when we look forward at the lives we want to create, we see all of the obstacles. When we reverse our vision, we can see the path of how to get there more clearly. For example, when I stand on this end looking forward, I can say that I want to build my coaching practice, fill the meditation workshops, and pursue Qi Gong training. I see so many challenges to be overcome. It's hard work and I may not think I have the resources I need in order to do these things. By shifting my focus to what I want things to look like a year from now, I have much more clarity. The coaching practice is a strong component of the healing center, the workshop size has doubled, and I see that my natural teaching abilities are causing me to shine brightly with joy. I do not see the obstacles along the way, although I'm certain there will be plenty of them and I will overcome them.

Now it's your turn, where do you want to be a year from now. Are you looking to build a career, a relationship, home, or family? Perhaps you have already done those things and are seeing yourself having more enjoyment of the life you have already built. What direction would you like to go, and why that way as opposed to the other options you have in front of you? What is most appealing about this particular direction?

Having a one year goal feels more realistic in a lot of ways. It's close enough that we can tell if the things we are doing or not doing is taking us closer to the goal or further away. Do these things fit in with the broader goal of what to do with your whole life.

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