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Feel the Energy

As my life continues to gain speed, and the business grows and expands, I have really discovered the importance of slowing down and feeling my way through things. Moment by moment, day by day, we are presented with choices. We are so trained as humans to follow the choices that sources outside of ourselves have suggested we follow. So often, we do the things we "should" do rather than listening to the inner guidance which lets us know in the moment what would be best for us.

I catch myself in this all of the time! I should go for a workout, even though my inner guidance tells me to rest, or I should be working on one project but feel compelled to work on the other one. What I am discovering is that the more filled up my time becomes, the more essential it is to listen to the inner guide who has never led me wrong. Often, when I follow that inner guide, it leads me through the zen state that leaves me feeling recharged and at ease throughout all of the activity of life. When I don't listen, I often feel depleted, I get overwhelmed easily and unable to flow naturally in any area of life.

Noticing the difference between these two states, and deciding the first one is working for me while the second one hinders me has made a significant difference in all that I am able to do and be from day to day. My desire is to help others connect with this powerful inner resource and experience higher life quality as well.

First, we must learn to trust ourselves. Typically, this inner guidance would have us follow the things that are contrary to what our minds tell us we need to do. We need to build the experience that shows us which way works. For example, I have never regretted following my intuition the way I have regretted not listening. I did have to learn to trust myself enough to agree with the internal direction though.

For guidance on how to connect inside, click here!

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