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What does living your best life look like?

In coaching, one of the first questions I like to ask people is what would your ideal life look like? If you were to really feel joyful and excited about your life, what would that mean to you? What is most valued and treasured in your life and where are you in relation to living it?

Often times, things are going well for people in several areas of their lives. When we look at the wellness wheel at the different life domains, we may be living fairly well in several areas. Can we fine tune things to really help us feel like we are living our joy? Is there an area we would like to be doing better in? What is it that makes us feel on fire?

For me it can vary from day to day. Some days I might feel like business is going well and I am living my purpose, other days I may feel frustrated at wanting to grow it more in a certain direction. Sometimes I feel super healthy and fit while others I just can't seem to get back on track. Lately I have been looking at my contribution to my community in ways that I never cared to before, or I will be craving social contact or family.

Taking the time to reflect on where we are is an important factor of overall well-being. If we don't know what we want, we probably won't get there. Finding life balance can provide us with a sense of contentment and help us be our best. What areas of life are going well? What can we improve? Where do we wish to see ourselves grow?

For myself, I am constantly asking how can I show up and be present in my life today? How can I be my best self today? Who do I get to give the best of me to this day? Am I being fully present in my life? What did I do well today?

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