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New Month, New Goals

Goal setting is just one of the many areas in which Life Coaching mas assist people in living their best lives. After all, if we don't know where we are going, how can we expect to get there? Are we living the lives we truly desire to be living? Do we tend to think we are stuck living the lives we have? Where are we now in relation to where we want to go?

Starting a new month can be refreshing. It provides us with check in points along the larger journey that is often talked about in terms of short term or long term goals. Goal setting on too large of a scale can be overwhelming to many people. Where do we start? How do we stay on track or course correct as needed? How close are we to the end result, or how far away?

It can be helpful to begin by reflecting on the work we have already done, or seeing where we are in relation to where we started from. Can we see any changes? Are we moving towards our desired outcomes or away from them? What actions have I already taken towards achieving this goal? Did they work or are there things I could have done better? What am I already doing that is working and how can I do more of that?

Sometimes we have a tendency to only see our progress when it is big. That means we spend more of our time looking at the gap between where we are and where we want to go rather than celebrating the little things that add up over time. As we pat attention to more of the little things that are happening or all the ways life is working in our favor, we can generate positivity and enthusiasm. People used to tell me "the joy is in the journey," and I could understand the idea but I had a much tougher time actually living that joy. I would be too impatient with the details and even though I understood, my actions demonstrated that my joy was holding out for the destination. Shifting my focus to celebrating the little feats helped tremendously with this idea!

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