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What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching utilizes positive psychology to help people find balance and focus on their strengths and assets. It uses a client centered approach, which means that we guide the client inside of themselves in order to help them discover the answers that they have within themselves. It is also solutions focused, meaning that we place more of an emphasis on the solution rather than the problem and we direct the consciousness towards the present and future rather than what happened in the past. As we move forward together, we practice reframing thought processes to gather fresh perspectives, building skills to deal with the challenges of life, and using learned optimism to focus on the good outcomes within difficult situations.

Coaching differs from counseling in several ways and is by no means a substitute for therapy. Coaching is meant to assist people in the process of self-discovery but does not provide answers or solutions for clients. Coaching may assist people in weighing out the different choices available to them within their lives, and help them to navigate the directions that those choices can take them. Finally, coaching can aid people in finding a sense of balance or equilibrium in our overly busy and often unpredictable lives.

At Whole Hearted Healing Center, we are passionate about empowering others. We help them recognize their own source of internal power so that they can maximize their potential while accepting the struggles of life. In this way they increase their awareness and can better appreciate all that life has to offer.

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