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Thank You 2020!

Well, we made it! Here we are on the final day of 2020, and I know there are so many people who feel deep gratitude for the shift into 2021. How will you be spending this time? What condition is your mind in today? What do you hope will be different?

In coaching, we use what has been called "the miracle question." It states: if you woke up tomorrow morning, and a miracle had occurred while you slept where all of your current problems had been solved, what would you notice is different? What a perfect opportunity for asking this question! Tonight at midnight, as we shift into a new year, as the fireworks sound, miracles will light the sky and enter your life. What would you notice is different? What problems would no longer exist? How would other people treat you? How would it feel as you enter your workplace, what would be different?

As I listen to people express how grateful they are to be rid of 2020, I wonder what 2021 will look like for them? What will be different?

I know that many people have suffered this year, that it has brought so much hardship to our Nation, and whatever cracks were inside of structures such as politics, social standards, and personal relationships opened up from the inside and broke apart things that were hard to break apart. The cracks inside these systems did not feel good at all as structures collapsed. But I wonder if we can shift our perspective enough to see that we all have had some things to let go of this year and other things to cherish. Can we at least try to minimize the emotions attached to the loss and ask ourselves how we can best move forward from here? How can we rebuild what has broken?

If this "miracle" occurs at midnight tonight, and we are given the power to rebuild our lives, what would we do? What would we construct or build upon? What do we want to carry forward? If from this day forward, we have the power to choose our lives, what would we choose?

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