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Stepping back

I have been taking a spiritual on-line course that has been helping me to expand my consciousness. As I reflect on this Self-Mastery course, I can see how it is helping me to step back and observe the little changes that add up over time.

It is very easy for me to get discouraged when I don't see the kind of growth that I want to be seeing, and I used to get frustrated to the point where any progress would then cease. This morning I had a new experience. I was able to set any emotions aside, step back, and see much more clearly the things that are so small that they typically get overlooked. It was an enjoyable process and gave me insights that I otherwise would have missed.

As I stepped back and took a bird's eye view of my life, I saw my perspective had shifted a great deal. As I reflected on where I was a year ago, and where I was six months ago, my path became clear and I saw that where I am now is not creating my immediate experience, but rather it is shaping where I am headed if I continue in the practices I have set up for myself. It is so easy to become impatient and forget that life unfolds before me. But if I get wrapped up in how I wanted things to be, I cannot see how they are becoming. I would rather see the buds as they blossom than miss the process altogether.

My solution to the feelings of frustration was to apply self-coaching. I began asking myself the coaching questions that helped these answers become clear. What is my expectation? Is it realistic? What kind of state was I in compared to where I see myself now? What is the most important measure of growth for me? Where can I see it? In what way? If I continue doing things exactly as I am now, what will the results look like in six months? How can I tweak it to be more in alignment with where I want to be in six months?

In asking myself these coaching questions, I got to see the difference between where I actually am right now compared to where I thought I was. As it turns out, with just a few minor adjustments to bring my actions and thinking process a little closer together, I see a major shift in myself. How wonderful that I can use the tools that I have been given to help myself as well as helping others!

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