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Manifest Your Dreams! Dreamboard Workshop

This is the workshop people have been most excited about! In this hand-on workshop, we will be talking about energy and focus while pouring out our creative energy into an arts and crafts project. We will be discussing the power of vision and clarity while going inside of ourselves to discover what our deepest goals and desires are really saying to us.

I like to use the main life domains to help people in determining what is most import for them, and these domains may shift at different points in our lives. We can discover what we value in areas of career, finance, family or relationships, spirituality, community involvement, health and wellness, education or whatever else the individual would like to focus on and bring into their lives.

We will conclude with open sharing and a meditation. As we silence the mind and calm the outer world, we allow for energy to give life to the vision. Ki Energy is "that which animates all life," and as we focus on bringing the energy, we charge ourselves with this life force that enhances us so that we may be stronger, more vibrant, high energy people.

Due to the popularity of this workshop, I have two time options available

Saturday, December 5th: 10am or 2pm

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