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Life Coaching Now Available!

This has been a fulfilling year for me and my business. Amid the chaos of a worldwide pandemic, I managed to get my Master's in Psychology with an emphasis in Life Coaching from Grand Canyon University. This has been a huge goal of mine and I'm so honored to be able to celebrate this and use it to help enhance my clients' lives!

Whole Hearted Healing now offers Life Coaching sessions. Coaching is a rather broad term that may leave people with more questions than answers such as, “is coaching something that can help me.” Coaching utilizes positive psychology, and it can help people to reframe their thinking patterns and focus on their strengths, skills, and positive outcomes. Coaching is considered a client-centered, solutions-focused, talk-therapy; which means that we believe and understand that the client knows best what is going on within them and that they already have the solutions they seek.

Therefore, coaches are people who step back and allow the client to determine the direction they wish to go while the coach helps guide them within where their solutions may be found. Coaching is not counseling, but it may aid in the process of discovering tools, building skill sets and utilizing the available resources for dealing with life situations as they arise. When it comes to personal growth, setting and attaining goals, or enhancing a certain area of life, coaching can be quite helpful.

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