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Growth Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

Is growth an aspect of life that you are seeking? Are you seeking growth in a specific area of life? Perhaps you are seeking professional growth, growth in relationships or health, or possibly spiritual growth. Wherever this growth is being sought, it is through our challenges that we find our most favorable outcomes.

Whether we are consciously challenging ourselves or we are being challenged by life itself, growth helps us to live our lives more fully. If we are not growing in some way, we are stagnating, and stagnation opens the door for suffering. But why is it so uncomfortable?

If we look closely, we may discover that growth can range from slightly uncomfortable to well beyond a manageable level of comfort, but in the end, we are still here. So much of our pain can be managed as we work with it, finding our way through the discomfort rather than fighting it, which makes it harder on us.

According to some, suffering is an essential part of life. Everyone goes through periods of pain. How we deal with that can make all the difference for us, we don't have to get hurt nearly as much as we do. As we learn to ride the river rapids of life, we may be afraid of some of the rougher waters, but squeal with delight at other points along the way. If we could choose which way sounds more appealing, would we do the things which support that choice?

Life coaching helps us to see the choices that we have been making, and the areas where we would like to start making different choices. It helps us to grow in the ways we want to grow, helping us to feel more in control of our own lives, and deal better with the things that feel out of our control. Life coaching takes a more holistic approach regarding balancing work, home, fun and play, relationships, career, finance, social life, spirituality, or whatever is most important to the individual. When we look at our lives, I believe most of us are doing fairly well in at least a few areas, with the desire for improvement in a few other areas. How would you like to make improvements in your life?

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