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Dreamboard Workshop, June 26th

Upcoming, Saturday, June 26th from 10am-11:30am, cost $40, please RSVP

The Dreamboard workshop is one of our four workshop series. Meditation Basics is where we focus on building a meditation practice, deal with the struggles and challenges of having a meditation practice, and we learn different meditation techniques to help us through the challenges we face. It introduces 4-part breath, which builds the foundation for the other three workshops.

Stress and Anxiety Management deals with the exhale, Pain Management teaches us to sit in the pause points and observe, and the Dreamboard Workshop deals with the inhale. All four workshops create a full breath, and retaking can certainly enable one to travel deeper within.

When we look at the inhale, to inspire or draw breath in, this is where we bring energy in for our use. However, we cannot only inhale. We eventually must exhale in order to inhale once again. As we learn to ride the breath, to go deeper, release again, and continue the cycle until we take our final exhale, we learn how to feel and connect to the energy that is all around us.

The Dreamboard Workshop begins with a meditation to help us focus on the deeper desires of the heart. Life is not for accumulation, but for creation, and our heart has a vision for us when we tune into its messages for our life. Working with our heart brings us feelings of connection and purpose. As we discover what this means for us individually, we then have the opportunity to express these desires creatively with the use of arts and crafts. The final meditation is to feel the charge of the inhale, to bring energy in, to feel the "inspiration" which the breath provides.

Come join us!

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