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Coaching Questions

As a life coach, it is my job to ask probing questions that help clients to wonder what they are doing in their daily lives that either helps or hinders them in the life directions that they say they want to go. When I was in my Master's program, it was one of my greatest ah-ha moments when I realized the power a well-placed, direct line of questioning could take a client. I decided at that time to embody this coaching strategy in order to connect better with those around me and use coaching questions on myself regularly. I am constantly asking myself, "how can I be a better coach," "what is my desired outcome and are the steps I am taking bringing me closer or further away," and my favorite question, "what are you doing that is working and what could I be doing differently?"

I have never been good at asking inquiring questions to others, it is something that I have had to really be uncomfortable as I learn questioning strategies that work for me. However, I also see what comes of it and am amazed at the intuition and presence I require as I decide what the next line of questioning may be. Intuition and presence are two qualities I value, so of course I would use them here as well.

In the "Self-Mastery" Tao class I am currently taking with Mago Mindfulness Center, our point of focus for the week is "what can I learn from this." I can ask myself this everywhere, in any situation or challenge, what can I learn from this? This simple question has allowed me to take full responsibility with self-love at the core when I find myself engaged in something that is challenging me. Then I discover how I can help myself.

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