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What is Restoration Therapy?

Restoration Therapy is a healing modality which is designed to restore the body to health. It functions in accordance with the Meridian System of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Using forearms, Ki Energy is pumped through the meridian system to clear the energy channels, releasing stagnant energy along the way. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is said that aches and pains are an accumulation of stagnant or blocked energy within the meridian channels. Therefore, by pushing energy through the meridians, the stagnant energy releases. As it begins to flow, aches and pains diminish.

Restoration Therapy also promotes circulation. All of the fluids within the body, the blood, fluids, lymph, nerve fluid and energy must circulate efficiently in order for homeostasis to return. In addition, it lubricates the joints, warms the muscles, and relaxes the psyche, taking pressure off of the immune system.

Finally, the missing ingredient of Restoration Therapy is to maintain a healing intention. The mind is our most powerful tool, and when the mind is focused on healing, the effects often substantial. Intending to connect to the light and love of the universe fills us with energy so that we have energy to give. Clients tend to feel charged when they leave.

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