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Qi Gong Coming Soon!

I am about three weeks in to this Qi Gong certification program now, and I have to say that I am so grateful to be doing it! I may have had some concerns about enrolling, but that has all melted into appreciation and enthusiasm for what's to come.

The training itself is fantastic! Lee Holden really knows his Chinese Medicine and teaches it well. It is building upon the foundation that Danzan Ryu has given me and feels like a continuation of something I had started many years ago. Qi Gong is considered one of the five branches of Chinese Medicine, the other four being acupuncture, herbology, nutrition and massage. I love being able to add to my repertoire of how I can help people and I really look forward to adding Qi Gong classes into our schedule.

It is also helping me tremendously in my own healing journey. To be able to open myself up to release the pain from my past and move forward is no easy task. So many of us, as humans, are trapped in old hurt and pain from the past. As I open myself up for healing, what comes is my time on the mat, the time I spent training, and my time as a Sensei. Healing can be a painful process, whether it be mending a broken bone, or letting go of the pain of lost relationships, being free from the ways in which our pain prevents us from living our best lives is totally worth it. That is the greatest gift, to heal and be healed.

The path of the healer is my life path. It is my greatest passion and what has helped me most in my own life. I love having it to offer others. So many of us don't realize that we have things in our lives that require healing. Sometimes it can be well hidden or we tend to keep those things buried deep within us in hopes that no one will see. It's so much better to get it all out and be free.

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