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What do you want to do with your life?

Life is truly precious, a gift to each one of us. Life is filled with beauty, energy, opportunity, and expression. As I quiet my mind and tune into all that life has to offer, I am often astounded by the ever deepening experience, and my desire to share this with others grows too.

But what is life about? what is this all for? How are we spending our time while we are here? What is most important to us and how are we in relation to that? Is there something more to be savored?

So many questions, yet the answers are often elusive. The existentialist in me says that we get to decide what life is about for us individually. For some people life revolves around family, or connection with loved ones. For others, it is a journey of material success. Some people find delight in the roller coaster of adventures while others experience hardship and want for something greater. So many different experiences available to us!

For me, life is about following the depths of my spirituality, of discovering how much more is out there for me to find. It is about living my joy and helping others discover theirs. What can I bring into this world, how can I give back to the life energy that has given me so much. I find it to be a valuable and enriching experience, and my wish is to help as many others as I can to enrich their own lives in the ways that are most meaningful to them.

As more and more people discover their value and live their hearts desire, our whole world will become a more joyful place.

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