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The Machu Picchu Experience

Well, we have officially been back a month now, and in truth, it was a challenging month for me. I had really hoped I would have returned feeling energized from the energy from such a spiritually potent location, and have complete clarity over how to step into the highly charged version of myself that I expected to become. After a month of being home, I am actually just now feeling like myself again.

I have been wanting so badly to be able to gain perspective of the journey we were on. I had some fear going in because it was so unlike any other journey I had ever taken in my life, so I began to think of it as a spiritual pilgrimage as I imagined all the ways it would transform me. I began to expect much as I envisioned myself doing Qi Gong up on the mountain and absorb the energy of the Incan Trail. What I actually experienced has been a challenge to put into words though.

In hindsight, some amazing things took place. I got to be available for others during this trip in all of the ways I am available for others here, and that felt extremely on purpose to me. I got to see how thick the energy was up there, as it was easy to see the chi energy in the clouds. I felt connection to the land, the gods of the mountains, and particularly the puma, who is considered the guardian of this world. The Incan religion is very similar to the Tao, they talk about this world, the under world, and the One that encompasses all. The guardians of this world is attributed to nature and humanity, and this is where my mission is clear, where my service to the world lays.

I had a lot of intensity as I returned home, I felt empty and a lack of joy, enthusiasm and passion, which is not like me at all. I had no energy and felt anger and grief and sadness. I had a really hard time pulling it together and struggled to pick up all of the things that I had been so excited about before we left. This was nothing like the expectations I had set for the journey.

I did some research and made some interesting discoveries about the energy of Machu Picchu. First was that it turns out there are two major vortices which overlap, a masculine and a feminine. No wonder it was such a place of power, when the masculine and feminine merge, creation is born. I read a few other things that interested me as well; that in this place, all of the chakras open at once, and that this can be extremely overwhelming for sensitive or empathic individuals. I would love to understand more about this, but could find no more information or elaboration on how this manifests. My goal now is to see how that can help me as I move forward in creation of my own life.

As I reflect on the dreamboards we created in anticipation of our trip, I can absolutely see how all of the things written have happened for us. Mine is the image with the clouds and all of the healing I wish to experience. CT's is the one of the mountains. Here, too, we see the overlap of the masculine and the feminine as these two drawings create one full landscape. I look forward to deepening my understanding as we move through the winter and I gain more perspective. Now that my head is beginning to clear, I also look forward to experiencing the effects of the energy that we were charged with...

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