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Out of Town Oct 30 - Nov 11

Well, we are getting very excited for our trek to Machu Picchu next week. We wanted to take a moment to let our readers and/or website visitors know that we are not ignoring any inquiries, just out of cell range!

We are very much looking forward to this trek as a spiritual pilgrimage, and all of the insights we will gain in addition to the challenges we will be letting go of. They say you are not the same after this journey, and we are extremely excited to discover in what ways.

Furthermore, we are sensing some synchronicities between this trek and the insights discussed in The Celestine Prophesy, and fully intend to making that be a significant part of our journey, actualizing the insights. We begin in Lima, Peru, as did the main character John, and since our journey is 9 days, and there are 9 prophesies, we also considered the synchronicity in that.

Check out our social media while we are away, we intend to do our best to post an insight a day, but with service provider issues, we may have to post sporadically or wait until we return.

Please stay tuned for more...

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