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Awoke super early with silly worries consuming my mind and disturbing my peaceful rest. I do believe that many people experience this as in our busy lives sometimes seem so out of control. As I wake up and work my way through the mental chatter, what is in my control, what is out of my control, am I making this worse or am I contributing to a solution that will benefit the whole? I think about the attitude of the woman responsible for my discomfort, and how she cannot seem to see outside of herself or how her actions affect those around her. Can I find compassion for her? Can I somehow learn and grow from the challenges placed in front of me?

As I reflect on my life, where I am now, how far I've come, and as I am consciously moving in the direction I want to be moving in, I can see that continuing to put one foot in front of the other, whether I want to or not, matters. It creates the momentum that carries me forward. That was an interesting thought. To be carried by the momentum.

I started to think about how many of us walk through life with the weight on the world on our shoulders. We carry the heaviness of burden, perceived responsibility, regret, and other peoples expectations around. It's heavy! My realization was that when we can set down that back of rocks and surrender into life, the momentum of life carries us. Why don't we let it?

The more I continue my practices, the more I see how when I can slow down and feel my way through life, moment by moment, the more everything lines up for me with far less effort. I no longer have to make things happen, when I stop trying, they happen naturally. The more I stop to check in with myself, the more clarity I have for what I need right now, and I have never regretted listening to that inner voice the way I have regretted ignoring it. I no longer have to chase after the things I think I want. I only have to pause, take a deep breath, and allow the them to float towards me.

I may not know how to handle the situations in my life, but I do know that if I stop to ask myself for direction, I will know what to do when I need to. It leaves room for the unexpected surprises and delights that life has to offer me. Life itself has its own energy, it lives, breathes, and moves through space and time just the way I do. My choice is to connect to it and discover the mystery within in.

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