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What do I bring?

My business philosophy is one where I like to focus more on what I can give rather than what I can get. This is also something I like to bring into my relationships, and something I try to help others see the value in as well. When I approach life with this attitude of what can I give, my whole life changes, and I find that there is no need to focus on what I get out of it because I have all that I need and ultimately, to give is to receive. They are a fluid exchange and giving transforms into receiving because my heart is open. It is a beautiful process, circular and never ending.

This morning, I awaken with gratitude for this day. Each day is a gift from the Universe, filled with the essence of life itself, to do what I will with. I found myself thinking what can I give to this day that has given me precious life? My heart overflowed as I pondered the possibilities of what this could mean.

First of all, what can we possibly give to life itself or this day ahead? This life does not want my money, nor does it receive any material possession that I have to offer. All that I have to give is myself. My whole self, 100%. This is all I have that has value enough for the Universe to appreciate.

So what would this look like? How can I give 100% of myself to this day? I can appreciate the beauty of nature, the buds of spring. I can enjoy fully the breeze and the sunshine as I ride my bike rather than drive my car. I can cherish the time I have to use how I choose to use it, to develop depth of myself, and the ability to be genuine and authentic in all of my interactions today. I can slow down and savor the activity of the day. Life is such a grand and beautiful opportunity for us, and I can choose to live my best life today, in line with the inner most desires of my heart, my true nature. I can deduce meaning where I wish and add the cheer and sunshine of my soul where ever I go. I can smile at strangers and send them positive thoughts and radiant energy. This is what giving my whole self to this day looks like, and why it is so different from taking from the day. When I give, I am fulfilled.

Discover how you can live your fulfilled life today!

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