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What can I Give?

Happy Valentine's Day! Today is the day to celebrate love, or to bring the awareness that more love is desired. The specific focus tends tp be on romantic love, or human love which tends to hold a lot of conditions. The reason I bring up the imperfections of our human love is to hopefully bring more attention to the all-encompassing Divine or Universal love that exists. That is a source of love that we can tap into any time we are ready, we are not dependent on anybody else for fulfillment of this love.

Today is also a day that we can choose to focus on our love for Self, which is often another form of love that takes a back seat to the human/romantic love that we seek. To truly love ourselves as we are is one of the greatest gifts we could experience while on this earth. In addition, we do not have it to fully and freely give to others before we give it to ourselves, and we can only fill the void within through finding that Divine connection through our hearts. If I'm not right with my Creator, I cannot be right with myself, and if I am not right with myself, I will not be right with others.

So how can we generate more love, which our world absolutely needs right now? For me, focusing on what I can give rather than what I can get makes all the difference. Whether it be in relationships, in community, or in business, I can always shift my focus towards what I can bring to the lives of others. If I want love, I've got to bring the love. It is invaluable to discover the source within us that can produce such a state as bringing love to others. Especially to those we find it difficult to love, or those we consider unworthy of our love. They are the ones who can help us most because they are the ones who can help us to remove any conditions from our love so that it may be more pure.

Today, this day of love celebrations, see how much love you can bring into the world.... discover how it feels to give without limit...

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