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The Spirit of Christmas

I love this time of year. I love being able to feel a softening of the collective energy as people tune into the spirit of the season which has people thinking a little bit more about giving, about joy, family, connection, and goodwill towards others. These are the collective energies I can get on board with!

As I sit this Christmas morning with the fire blazing and a sleeping kitty cat on my lap, I feel the stillness of the early morning. This time of darkness before the world begins to awaken is filled with potent spiritual energy. This is my favorite time of each and every day. I cherish it as I use it to find my own connection with life, spirit, self, and only after that connection is strong may I find connection with others.

This morning I ponder the Christ energy. What qualities or characteristics do I think of when I think of the Christ energy, what comes to my consciousness? I see him as a truly enlightened man, one of our greatest teachers, healers and leaders, someone who used his life in order to help all others. What a beautiful example of a life well lived. When I think of these things, I ask myself how am I or how can I better embody those aspects into my own life. I, too, am a teacher, a healer and a leader, but not near the caliber that he dedicated himself to the world. As a human being I find myself far away from the willingness or desire to be able to help others to that degree, but as a spiritual being it seems far more desirable to continue along this path, always asking, "what more can I do?"

A life well lived is richly rewarding. What does a life well lived mean to you? For me it means that my life has been useful and had value for others. It means to be respected in my community for what I bring to others, how I can be helpful to someone else. It means I carry a strong presence into the day with me, that people know I am available. It means I bring energy where ever I go, that I have a charge about me that can be felt as warm and welcoming. I take care of myself so that I have energy to give. If I succeed at these things day after day, I show up as an active participant in my own life, and I continually do small things that make a difference, then my life is very rich.

I do not succeed at these things every day, in fact, some days I am not even close. However, I do better than I ever have before at being gentle and loving towards myself, and realizing when I could be doing something a little better. I have something that I can always fall back on, and that is the ideal I strive for.

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