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State Management

The term "state management" has been coming up a lot lately, how and why the need to manage our state can make such a difference. In my work, I tend to see a lot of trends in energy patterns, or how people are feeling and what they are experiencing at any given time. This is something that has helped me with my own ability to manage my state and regulate my expectations of myself.

This week, for example, we started of the week with fires threatening our community. It was hot and windy, and ash was falling from the sky. People were behaving just as frantically as the animals who are afraid and fleeing for safety. As the week went on, the smoke cleared and people began to feel more safe, other trends surfaced. I, myself, had a day where I felt so ungrounded and overly emotional, and I took everything I had to make my way through the day consciously and aware of my internal state. It was just a really hard day. Was it just me? I could easily stay stuck in myself and my own challenges, but my whole purpose in life is helping others, so I do my best to manage myself and show up for others regardless of what I am going through internally. As a result, I saw very clearly that I was not alone, many other people were experiencing the same things: ungrounded, scattered energy.

As I see the commonality in what so many people are saying to me, I step back and the trend becomes clear; what I am feeling sometimes comes from a more collective influence than I first thought. As I recognize that, it becomes easier for me to adapt, accept what I am feeling without being as influenced by it, and going about my work of helping others.

Upon awakening this morning, I realized that we all have times in our lives where we didn't treat others well, or weren't treated well ourselves. We all have both the good and bad within us, light and darkness, haunting memories, painful experiences, and a variance of emotions. Sometimes we act out as a result of these internal conditions spinning out of control. When we learn how to manage our own state effectively, we make more of a difference in the world, we become more grounded and discover our clarity. It gives us more of an influence on our own lives, helping us to feel more in control. We are kinder towards each other because we have developed empathy and compassion. These things help us be better people, which helps influence others to also be better people.

The world needs healing now, and the way we bring healing to the world is by healing ourselves individually. We can do this.

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