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Slow Down

As I awaken this morning, something doesn't feel quite right. I cannot put my finger on it. I just feel a little "off," and my precious morning time is disappearing without any of those earth shattering realizations I usually get from my journaling time. I get frustrated because I want to "get it," I want to understand this thing within me that I can't even identify. As I search through my mind, I realize that sometimes we just feel that way. Is my need to be able to "do" something about that, to change my state, is that really something that works?

I remember to use my tools and check in with my heart, asking "what do you need right now." I realize that I have been over doing again, I did too much physical activity and I did too much emotional processing. Now it is time to rest. I don't have to "do" with every moment of every day. It felt better to just sit, eyes closed, not thinking, not reflecting, not acting. So that's what I did.

I was reminded of when I made that first appointment with my Life Coach. As a grad student going into the field of coaching, my husband suggested I work with a coach of my own. I wanted to build my confidence in working with people and I wanted to learn to trust myself. My very first appointment was impressive, because she slowed things way down. We didn't tackle my whole life in one hour, but instead just focused on one thing in great depth.

As months went by, I really paid attention to the work she did with me. I would run scenarios by her that would come up with my own coaching clients, and the answer was always the same; she would suggest I help them slow down. As it turns out, when we slow down and wait for the answers within us to surface, we already have everything we need within us.

I don't know why we tend to be in such a hurry, or how much we miss as a result of it, but I do know that this morning as I was feeling slightly off I was able to slow myself down and it really helped.

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