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Rainbow Obsessed

My web-designer recently called me "rainbow obsessed," and I thought that was cute. I like that. First of all, I am a color junky. My favorite color is vibrant. However, there is so much more that goes into a rainbow that I thought it might be worth talking about.

In the Tao we have yin, yang, and the space where they meet which is known as the qua. We also have Heaven, Earth and the place where they meet, which is humanity. Humans are the thing that connect Heaven and Earth, and we are also the space in which Heaven and Earth mix within us. The rainbow is symbolic as the rainbow visibly shows Heaven connect to Earth as it spans the sky, but the rainbow also shows us within us as the Chakra system. In essence, we are the rainbow bridge which connects Heaven and Earth.

Everything of vital importance can be found within the spinal column; the cerebral-spinal fluid, nervous fluid, the circulation of blood and lymph, and the Chakras. In Healing, we always start with moving the spinal column. If we can shake it loose, energy begins to move, the body warms, and Healing can begin. It truly is such a miraculous design; not only these beautiful bodies that we get to use while we are here, but also how they connect to the whole vast system. What we choose to do with these lives matters.

We can choose a life of normalcy, where we go through life on auto-pilot. We do what is expected from our family, our community, and society. Some people may find great joy by doing so. Other people may have a deep, internal sense that something is missing. That stir comes and has the power to disrupt our lives. How do we respond when the disruption comes? Do we cling to what we know? Or do we challenge ourselves to new ideas and experiences? One of my greatest joys is in helping guide people through these challenges and discovering what this calling from deep within is saying to them.

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