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One foot in Front of the Other

When we are trying to make positive change in our lives, we may often find ourselves feeling discouraged, or see that old negative beliefs are kicking in which prevent us from taking the necessary steps to get where we are trying to go. It used to be very common for me to wait and see how something would play out before I would take the next step. In doing this, I would often be interrupting or sabotaging a process that would have gained momentum and helped me get where I was trying to go if I would have just kept on going.

Now I realize that this was me trying to control the outcome. I wanted to be good at it before I set out to do it. I wanted to know what I was in for. I live my life much differently now as I discover how fun it can be to not know what will come, but instead to see if I can feel my way through and follow the clues that have been laid out for me to follow. As I began putting together my coaching workshops, I can see how the old me would have waited to feel comfortable before starting, and to see if it was going to work before I set out a plan of action. This time I did things very differently, and before I had finished one, I would set the date for the next one. I just kept on moving forward no matter what.

Now it has been a solid six months of doing these actions, and I am so grateful I did! Instead of waiting around until I felt ok enough to move forward, which is exactly where I would still be sitting, I continued taking action and then more action. I did not wait to see what would come of the action because I learned that the results are far less important than the forward motion. I don't have to know it is the perfect, right action before I make a move, because any action will move me forward. I can also say that I am much closer to the goal as a result of continued actions.

As long as I just keep on putting one foot in front of the other, I will be ok. I will be better than ok, because I will discover the joy of the journey and the beauty of this unique path.

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