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I had been feeling discouraged lately in that growth can sometimes feel so slow. In my vision, I can absolutely see the unfolding process and how it happens slowly over time. I can look at this past year and see very clearly how far I have come, just as I can look to the future and see how much growth will come together over the next year. Typically, this is a process that is extremely inspiring for me. I understand the patience and perseverance required, and I am a cheerleader for others through their discouragement. I do a great job of pointing out the little wins and the importance of celebrating them.

However, it happens to me too. I have a series of small things that felt significant. I celebrated them, relishing in the process. This was followed with a series of disappointments. I felt I had managed the disappointments well. However, I still had to experience the sensation of disappointment. That's ok, it is all a part of the process.

This morning while on my bowflex, I had the realization that business is an endurance sport, and I have always thrived as an endurance athlete. It really is no different. It's a combination of mindset, a steady and consistent pace, and not worrying about where anybody else is at but to just keep going. One step at a time, we get there. It helps me to put this perspective into my life. I am working on creating a lot, building the healing center so that it has a strong foundation. Piece by piece, it all comes together.

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