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Consistency is Key!

Sometimes I find it funny how hard I can be on myself, or how unrealistic my personal expectations can be. I set goals such as posting 3-4 blog posts every week and getting certain tasks done by a specific date, and then if I fall short of the goal I have a tendency to promote self-punishment. I remember when I was attempting to sit in meditation for 20 minutes every day. If something was less than perfect, I wouldn't count it and would force myself to do it over again. For example, if my mind wandered I would have to re-do the whole session. Now I know that the mind will always wander, it's normal.

I have struggled with perfectionism throughout my life, it's almost as if I chose the impossible so that I would be destined to fail in whatever I set out to do. Now I am so grateful that I get to help other people find ways to be less perfectionistic because it reminds me of all the ways that I can help myself in the process. To coach is to be coached, and one of the biggest things I work with people on is being easy about things and being kind to themselves. I work with people on celebrating the little things that are going right in their lives and demonstrate that it is what we do more often than not that will determine our future direction.

There is so much that I have discovered over the course of this past year in how I want to show up and be my best self. As I moved through the shut downs, finished my Master's program, and began to build my coaching practice, I saw more than ever how the things that we do with consistency over time make all the difference. I sometimes struggle with being patient with myself and the process, but when I spend time looking back and reflecting on my life I can really see how things fit together. I see the process as intricate and beautiful and I know that the best think I can do for myself and others is to slow down and do the little things on a daily basis that add up to drastic accomplishments. I didn't get my Master's degree overnight, it took ten years of consistent effort. And I won't reap the benefits overnight either, but I will get to enjoy them over my lifetime.

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