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Brining in Fresh Energy

Energy is everywhere present, within us and all around us. Ki Energy, also called Qi or Chi, is defined as "that which animates life." Life energy comes in, brings life to the form, and leaves once again. The energy of life is ever present and it brings with it all that is required for its fulfillment.

We often refer to life as what we do while we are here, our gender, age, jobs, family, achievements, or whatever else we identify with the details of our lives. This is all how the ego establishes itself, we believe that these things make us who we are. However, all "things" are transitory, and we spend much of our lives attempting to hold on to these things, or accumulate more things.

There is a part of us that we cannot ever lose, that which anchors us and can never cease to be. Within us, there is something which requires nothing to exist, it just is, and will always be. If we can find that part of ourselves and connect to it, nothing transitory can disturb us. We are able to let go of the needs of the ego and live freely.

Energy comes in, animates life, and dissipates. When energy circulation is strong, the life force within us and around us thrives. When energy stagnates, we suffer. If there is stagnant energy in the home, it may be dark, dusty, cluttered, and does not feel good to be in. If there is stagnant energy in the body, it may be stiff, sore, cold, or allow for injuries or illness to thrive. Energy must be free to circulate. As it does, it breaks up the blockages of stagnation and flows brightly. Vibrant, fresh energy feels so good! It brings a youthfulness to the body and opens up the environment for life to thrive.

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