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Begin where you are...

I have enjoyed blogging at several points throughout my career. There is so much that I enjoy about it; the ability to express myself, being able to put words to esoteric experience, putting energy out there into the universe, freeing up my own channel for creative writing, possibly saying something that could benefit another, and watching as the energy comes back to me in the form of business growth.

During the shutdowns this past spring, I also discovered something else that writing gives to me: connection. As I was not able to work for six weeks, I knew that for my own sanity, I must find another way to connect to the energy around me, or the energy of the Tao. I discovered that I can use writing as a tool to help me feel that, and now writing is more valuable to me than ever.

However, it has been awhile, and I find myself not know what to say or how to express myself. I question my abilities; will I sound stupid or arrogant. I have to face some writers block, which has come about as a result of going too long without writing. Being in the midst of a move, I am also faced with the challenges of my environment, my tools being packed away in boxes waiting for the release that will come forth as the damn of energy that will surge forth with power and intensity once it is released.

Knowing that it will come, and that the process is much like those first few workouts that are extra hard after taking a hiatus from the gym, I decided I might as well start where I am. With this new website, I have new tools that are fun and exciting to use. I have plenty of fresh energy building and new avenues to pour it into. And if I can get excited to just get started today, then by tomorrow I will feel more momentum, followed by even more the next day. Then before I know it, the floodgates will have opened again, and I will have all kinds of new ideas and inspirations!

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