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Attachment to the material world

I find myself lost in thoughts and emotions this morning. I have a beautiful life; fire crackling, kitties snuggling and coffee warming my belly. I savor this time of day where I get to dive deep into the ocean on myself and discover my truth as well as how I can live it best. The spiritual is my most treasured value.

As I look at the world, I see the different values that people live. Some people value family above all else, other people value money and material gains. Education is a value, as is community service or health and wellness. When we look at the lives people are living we can see the values. Many times there is conflict between what they say they value over what they are living. These conflicts create pain.

I find this conflict within myself at times, as I continue to grow spiritually how do I find balance in the material world that we live in? I work so hard to grow professionally because I believe it gives me an avenue to live the spiritual. Yet I work so hard. I love this beautiful life, all of its possibilities, and our ability to create our lives. I love the process, the joy, but mostly the results. This morning I find my thoughts wondering to what we leave behind when we leave these bodies. Are we leaving a mess for someone else to clean up? What kind of stuff have we accumulated while we've been here?

It lead to thoughts of attachment, how attached I am to certain things such as my own ideas about who I want to be and how I want to live my life. These attachments cause so much suffering. I started to wonder how it would feel to pack a backpack and walk away. I imagined the spiritual liberation I might feel as I become free from the stuff, how much lighter I would feel, how much easier life could be and how little I want to leave behind. As I make this journey in my mind, I wonder how I could practice this freedom in my daily life?

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