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Appreciating this Life

With my birthday just around the corner, I always find myself in a state of deep reflection, nostalgia and awe for life as I enter into another year. Personally, I find aging to be a tremendous joy, and I get so excited as I move forward into deeper aspects of myself. One of my favorite meditation journey's depicts me in relation to my inner child, who needs love and healing, and my elder, the wise sage who provides me with comfort just by her existence and presence. She is the one I strive to be, with her long white hair, radiant glow, and deep sense of knowing exactly where I am and the journey I have yet to take.

As much as I look forward to becoming her, I have discovered a joy and contentment in being exactly right where I am now. It has been a wonderful life, filled with so many experiences. Some good, some difficult, some extraordinarily painful, but all of them have brought me to where I am now. All of them have given me so much insight and conscious awareness of who I want to be. When I reflect on who I am this day, I am filled with deep love for self. It has taken me my lifetime to get to this place of falling in love with who I have become, but it has been worth every effort put into that process. Learning to fall in love with ourselves is something that so many people struggle with, and if I can, I would consider it a great honor to help others find that love for themselves. It is truly a game changer.

My love for life also extends beyond the material realm. Yes, I love the things of my life for the joy they bring me; my home, husband, cats, and my business. I enjoy the experiences of my life, the things that money can buy such as getting a massage or traveling the world. But to me, the true depth of my love for life is in the charge I see from that which animates life, or Ki Energy. As I see the way the light dances through the trees or the sparking on the water, I feel the life within me radiate. As I feel the breeze gently touching my face I feel alive. The sounds of birds singing opens my heart to feel the song within me burst forth. This is life. This is love. This is where I come alive; and it is found within any and every moment!

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