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Another New Branch

I have been very hard at work these past 18 months or so as I diligently add in the components of the Healing Center that I wish to bring forward. With the help of so many others, and the energy which gives life to all, I am so in awe of how things have been continually unfolding for us.

Whole Hearted Healing Center is a vision. It focuses on the Tao and traditional Chinese Medicine to help the whole person heal, mind, body, spirit, energy, and emotion. This vision is really beginning to take on shape and form now.

Whole Hearted Healing has expanded with Whole Hearted Coaching, these two aspects share the center, and my hope is that they will be equally fulfilling in what they have to offer. Our meditation workshops support the coaching, as does our coaching books (coming soon!). Qi Gong practices (coming soon!) support the restorative massage. Everything that CT and Shannon have been working on has been to build the solid foundation and branch out into our beautiful community.

Stay tuned, we can't wait to see how it plays out over the next couple of years!

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