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Accepting where we are at

It has been quite an interesting day with all of the potent full moon/lunar eclipse energy out there. Some full moons I feel really good with, others have me struggling with the deep emotions of a Pisces. This morning started out feeling amazing, in tune, peaceful and serene. Everything felt soft and I was in appreciation for all of life.

However, I have had a few points throughout the day where those intense Pisces emotions showed themselves. There has been a common theme running through those times as well; the desire for something to be different than it actually is. In all of my self-work, that can still hang me up, but at least it is much more clear to me when it does.

On these occasions of emotional rises, the answer has been the same. Rather than trying to change what is, or wishing things were different, try accepting and appreciating where you are right now. When I can shift my focus, I can see my progress. When I can appreciate what is, I stop comparing it to what is not. It amazes me that it still takes diligence in order to do these simple shifts which sound so intuitive or obvious. Oh well, I am doing the best I can too.

Another thing that helps me through the emotional turbulence is learning to laugh at myself, to lighten up and not take everything so seriously. I have been a very serious creature throughout my life, so I consider it great success when I successfully let go of that and realize it's just life, it doesn't have to be so serious!

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