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Ki Energy

I wanted to take a moment to pause here and talk a little bit about Ki Energy, also known as Chi or Qi. Ki Energy has been defined as "that which animates life." When I talk about energy in generic terms, this is the energy I am referring to. Energy is everywhere, and everything is made of energy. Energy can be felt, and given the right conditions, it can also be visible. There are different types of energy, different forms and functions.

For example, there is the Ki Energy which makes up our vital substance, sometimes it has been referred to as our essence. Organ Ki and Meridian Ki are within the body while the protective Ki, or Wei Ki surrounds the body. Nutritive Ki consists of the Ki we ingest from the quality of food we eat and the air we breathe. Ancestral Ki is given us from our parents through our conception. Much of our energy system is susceptible to influence that can either enhance or deplete the whole system.

In the context of aches and pains, we may see stagnant Ki, or blockages in the meridian channels. Deficient Ki can be responsible for things like chronic fatigue. Sometimes the quality of our Ki can effect our Shen, or Spirit. Strengthening our spirit is certainly one of my greatest passions as I set the intention to use my life to help others.

Ki Energy, being the substance which animates life, is the basis for much of our healing focus. When the energy system is strong, life is in a state of thriving. Restoration Therapy is the specific style of bodywork which aims to restore the body to health. By pushing Ki Energy through the meridian system and through the organs, homeostasis returns. The body knows what it needs to do in order to heal itself, our job is to give it conditions which support this.

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